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Essay: Othello – Character Analysis

Whenever they look at his black face, however brilliant a general he is, he knows the others are thinking "Yes, but he is not really one of us.

This man had really fallen in love with someone whose life was boring and needed adventure. When the colony of Cyprus is threatened by the enemy, the Duke and Senate turn to "valiant" Othello to lead the defense.

Iago is a true villain from his head to his toes, he acts in such a way that his actions could not be characterized as anything else.

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The power shown here is quite astounding. He even said he loved not wisely but too well. Use an editor to spell check essay. He embezzles the money that Roderigo gives him to win over Desdemona.

Iago Character Analysis

Othello has a trusting nature in which he gives it all. Everyone seems to think Iago is such an honest guy, but this could not be further from the truth.

Fate is cruel to Othello, like the cruel fate of ancient Greek tragedies. His marks of honesty in his years of service under Othello are actually deceptive behavior.

Othello Character Analysis- Iago

The Moor, as many Venetians call him, is of strong character. As a friend of Othello, Brabanzio feels betrayed when the general marries his daughter in secret. However after examining the text, it can be stated that Iago is not a pure evil character, but was once honest and kind and still has honesty within him.

Othello Character Analysis

He did not make them transparent like the villains of modern cinema. Iago told Roderigo, " O,sir, content you. Since Iago has the trust of Othello he is ultimately able to control him. Iago was capable of bringing Othello into killing his own wife without ever have Othello question his wife or anyone else.

Othello tells his life story to Desdemona, and she sees him through his words. In Act I, Othello has a scuffle with Brabantio, who has come to kill him, but before anything could happen Othello said, "Hold your hands, both of you of my inclining and the rest.

Under pressure, he makes an inspiring speech. Shakespeare to add depth to his villain makes him amoral, as opposed to the typical immoral villain.

The evil nature of Iago causes agony and pain to the characters of the play, irrespective of his hatred. He was told his wife was cheating on him and he thought he was killing for justice. The role he plays is very unique and complex, which is far from what people would normally expect from a villain.

He figures this will make Cassio lose his position as Lieutenant, thereby making him the new Lieutenant.If we agree that Iago has no real motives for hurting Othello, we could also argue that Iago's character is a kind of "Vice" figure.

So, a "Vice" figure is stock character from medieval morality plays like " Everyman.".

William Shakespeare: Othello Character Analysis

Video: Iago from Othello: Character Analysis & Overview Iago is the antagonist in the play 'Othello' by William Shakespeare. His jealousy and envy cause him to destroy the lives of his boss.

Othello - Analysis of Iago, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

In the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare Iago plays the master manipulator and manages to deceive many of the other characters especially Othello and Cassio. It can be said that his motives are based solely on his insecurities due to the fact his goal in the play was to ruin Othello’s life.

Character Analysis Othello Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List He is a general in the Venetian defense forces, and, although a foreigner from Africa, he has won this post by excellence in the field of war. Iago Character Analysis. or any similar topic specifically for you.

Do Not Waste The villain within Iago takes over; it is then what drives his hatred for Othello. The villainous character of Iago is an extremely important concept for the play Othello, but within this villain is a master mind.

Othello iago character analysis
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